Johnny D's Bio

I can trace my love of sports and making money for the very first time when I was a little kid.  My dad had taken me to the race track where all the other kids were playing in the arcade room and the fathers of course betting the ponies.  But I never was in that arcade room, I wanted to be were all the REAL action was.  I remember my dad asking me to pick a horse and sure enough it came in 1st.  Obliviously it was pure luck, but the rush and excitement I felt from that moment on, I knew where I was headed in life.

There are a ton of handicappers out there that are very good at marketing themselves; I am not here to do that.  There is no Billionaire, Millionaire, High Roller Club, Inner Circle etc. bullshit.  You get MY picks that I PERSONALLY play PERIOD!!!

You will get Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work from me GUARANTEED!!!

Do I win every game?  Of course not, NOBODY DOES!!!  But over the long term using proper money management, you WILL make money!!!